power V H OSP.XC

OSP.XC Vented lead-acid battery The OSP.XC single cell batteries are vented stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid). The excellent characteristics of HOPPECKE OSP.XC cells are based on a positive 3D-struture-electrode. The HOPPECKE OSP.XC range is developed for high current applications and offer an excellent live expectancy from up to 18 years. In comparison to the OSP.HC range the energy density of the OSP.XC rage was again increased. This additional capacity is obtained by higher acid gravity of the electrolyte. The combination of high energy density and small foot print offer an optimal using of the available space for installations. This outstanding characteristics and the high capacity range of HOPPECKE OSP.XC batteries makes this battery range most applicable for operations in power plants, railway systems and as USV batteries. It is recommended to use HOPPECKE OSP.XC single cell batteries with HOPPECKE AquaGen® recombination system to reduce the number of water refill procedures on a minimum and following this even to reduce the maintenance costs. In case of using HOPPECKE OSP.XC batteries with AquaGen® recombination plugs the intervals of water refill can get much longer, up to maintenance freeness.

Your Benefits

• Very good high-current capability - low investment costs due to innovative electrode structure

• Very high expected service life - due to optimized low-antimony selenium alloy

• Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation - based on HOPPECKE system connectors

• Extremely extended water refi ll intervals up to maintenance-free - optional use of AquaGen® recombination system minimizes emission of gas and aerosols (Similar to sealed lead-acid batteries)