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  power.bloc OPzV Valve regulated lead-acid battery HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzV batteries are based on tubular plate technology and the fixing of the electrolyte in gel. The construction as sealed batteries makes HOPPECKE OPzV batteries maintenance free. Using tubular plates in combination with woven gauntlets at their positive tubular plates, HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzV batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy. So they are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like for example solar systems as well as for long discharge operations for example used in IT/ Telecom or safety light applications. The electrolyte of HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzV batteries is fixed in gel what causes even the option of a horizontal assembly. HOPPECKE bloc batteries of the power.bloc OPzV type series have a live expectancy from more than 15 years and a cycling expectancy from up to 1000 discharges with 80% discharge level. HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzV batteries meet with EUROBAT classification “Long Life”. The shock resistant and strengthened Polypropylene housing offers an easy to clean surface and is resistant against all established cleaners. The flat lid with its integrated handle guaranties a very good handling and an easy assembly

Your benefits

Maintenance-free regarding water refi lling - due to innovative Gel-technology

High expected service life - due to optimized lead-calcium alloy

Very high cycle stability - due to tubular plate design

Maximum compatibility - design according to DIN 40744

Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation - based on HOPPECKE system connectors

Easy assembly and installation - battery lid with integral handle